• - Sentiment Analysis for User Reviews

    • We create a system to assign sentiment scores to reviews (0.0 to 1.0 where a zero score is a full negative sentiment)
  • - Deep Learning based Email Spam Filter

    • We create Deep Learning based Email Spam Filter on Enron and Spam assassin dataset and compare results with Xgboost, SVM and Random forest
  • - Semantic Role Labeling

    • Semantic Role Labeling consists of the detection of the semantic arguments associated with the predicate or verb of a sentence and their classification into their specific roles.
  • - Statistical Inference

    • Statistics are the foundations of Data Analysis. Statistical Inference is a process of deducing properties of an underlying distribution by analysis of data.
  • - Research Summary Log

    • A summary log of read research papers in the field of AI


  • - Meanings are Vectors

    • A recent big idea in natural language processing is that "meanings are vectors" . Word embeddings are one of the most exciting area of research in deep learning.
  • - NumPy Exercises

    • NumPy is the fundamental package for scientific computing with Python.
  • - Text Analyzer - Google Chrome Extension

    • Text Analyzer Extension can provide grammatical and semantic information for the selected text in English directly in Google chrome browser
  • - Simplified Switchboard Corpus

    • We will create a simplified version of Switchboard Speech act corpus and perform exploratory



  • - Sentence Types in English

    • English Sentences are broadly categorized into 5 types. Each type has a particular semantic and syntactic structure which helps for analysis of sentences at syntactic level.
  • - Introduction to Linguistics

    • The scientific study of a language is called Linguistics. Language is the ability to comprehend both spoken and written words, and to produce meaningful words when a person speaks or writes.

  • - How to create GATE plugins

    • How to create GATE plugins